What can Studio 2000 Inc. do for me?

Database Creation and Maintenance

Do you need a new database?  We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access database, table, and SQL language query creation. Are you expanding, and do you need tables and queries modified to fit the new data model? We can make it happen remotely!

Data ETL and Data Transformation

Do you need data moved from one database to another, or from one format to another?  Do you need data transformed once or repeatedly? We can connect to many different kinds of data sources, extract the data, and convert, transform, and load it into other databases, files, or formats.

Data Visualization and Analytics

Specializing in Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server and other analytical tools, your data can be converted into graphs, charts and stories for presentation. Business decisions can be made easier and better when data can be viewed in an easy-to-read attractive format provided by these tools.

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